Katana v3.0 Beta (One Week Only!) Release

   Updated: 09/26/2012


Katana 3.0 Beta is available to download for ONE WEEK ONLY! Sept. 26 - Oct. 3rd 2012. There are plenty of updates from the previous version, so have fun. Remember though, this is a beta and may still have some bugs.

This release is brought to you by The Glitch programmable hardware platform on Kickstarter now! The Glitch can be embedded in working hardware, inject keystroke, log keystrokes, controlled remotely through Bluetooth, and more.

The Glitch will be ending on Kickstarter the same day as the Katana Beta, so get yours while they last!

Download Katana 3 Beta

Due to its size, Katana has been split into 2 archive (zip) files. Follow the README.txt instructions for installation.

Katana 3.0 Beta is no longer available. Check back soon for the full release.

Katana v3.0 Beta Release at DefCon XX

   Updated: 08/01/2012


Hackers for Charity sponsored an exclusive release of Katana 3.0 Beta at DefCon XX. If you were able to make it out to DefCon 20 and dropped by the HFC booth, you may have picked up the beta version of Katana 3.0. If you did not get your copy, the bad news is I am not "officially" posting it online. The good news is you will only have to wait a few months for the full release.


In true hacker fashion I finished the Beta release the night before flying out for DefCon. Not having time to burn enough DVDs to go around, I put together 3 other distribution methods. I set up a laptop at the HFC booth to copy Katana over to any flash drive with 8GB or more free. This turned out to be the most popular way of getting the files because DefCon was selling some pretty sweet 16GB metal bottle opener flash drivers. I was also handed quite a few flash drives where I was replacing version 2.0 with version 3.0 bet. Out with the old, in with the new!


Option two was to copy the files over from some write blocked flash drive. How did I write block the flash drive? Hot glue. Well, I actually used the "lock" feature on SD cards to write block the drive. I copied over the files, flipped the "lock" switch on the side of the SD card adapter, hot glued in the Micro SD card into the SD card adapter and hot glued the SD card into the USB reader. To take things one step further, I used fishing line to tether the USB reader to the legs of the booth. Just trying to do my part to prevent STDs (Serial Transmitted Diseases). The third option (which almost nobody used) was a couple copies of the DVDs people could copy to their PC.


So you weren't at DefCon, but you want the beta. I am not posting them online because this was just the beta release. However, here are the MD5s of the files in case a torrent pops up somewhere. Keep in mind this is the beta and there are still some bugs and things I was not able to get around to yet.


Thanks to everyone who dropped by and talked with me about how you use Katana. I got a few new ideas of changes to make for the full version 3.0 release. The release was a great success. I must have distributed a couple hundred copies; which is not bad for flash drive only propagation.