SpoofTooph 0.4 Release

Posted: 03/24/2011


SpoofTooph has been updated with some major bug fixes and new features. The new version runs scans MUCH faster, which also allows for more Device Names to be resolved during scans. There are some new features, including a Man-In-The-Middle mode which makes it easier to clone the Device Profile of two targeted devices. The updates also fixes a major bug, which caused SpoofTooph to crash after a few hundred unsuccessful scans.

SpoofTooph, along with other HFAC tools, are now being pre-loaded into many Live CDs including OSWA Assistant and Pentoo. If you would like to see any of these tools pre-loaded into other Live CD's please contact their respective developers.

New Features:

- Added -b flag for specifying the number of Bluetooth devices to display per page. I developed the new verion partially on a tiny 5.8 inch screen and got tired of the scrolling, so now you can scale up or down to fit your screen and resolution.
- Added -m flag for choosing multiple interfaces to use for cloning. This can be most useful in setting up Man-In-The-Middle attacks.
- Changed device array to dynamically resize.
- Changed probes for Device Name. The Device Name is no longer requested during each scan, only until the first successful name resolution. This modification makes scans run MUCH MUCH faster now.
- Changed logging format to CSV: ADDR,CLASS,NAME. This makes it easier to parse and analyze.
- Appends file after each new device is found.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed socket closing error. This would cause SpoofTooph to crash after around a finite number of unsuccessful scans.
- Fixed problem with saving log.
- Fixed log data verification for valid ADDR and CLASS.
- Fixed the problem with reading in the Class from a logfile.
- Fixed overflow problem with array of devices.
- Fixed selection of Bluetooth interface from a always using interface 'hci0'.

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