Bluetooth Profiling Project

Last Updated: 03/14/2011

The Bluetooth Profiling Project (BlueProPro) is a repository of Bluetooth profiles. The Bluetooth profile consists of the the device name, class, and address. This information is broadcast out by Bluetooth devices in Discoverable Mode.

This information can be useful in several ways. Since device addresses (MAC addresses) are assigned in blocks by manufactures, each model of device should have its address within a limited range. Finding this range through examining device information of devices of the same model could lead to more effective methods of using tools like Redfang to find Bluetooth devices in non-discoverable mode. Examining this data can also assist security professionals in discovering what sensitive information is broadcast by different device types.

Bluetooth Profile List

The following is a list of all Bluetooth profiles collected. The log is formatted in comma delineated format and sorted by the Device Address. (This format can be easily imported into spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel / OpenOffice Calc) or most databases (MySQL / Postgres)).

bluetooth_profile_list.zip 08/23/2010 (1,515 Devices)

Contributing Data

The easiest way to collect is by using SpoofTooph or BlueLog.


# spooftooph -i hci0 -s -w scan.csv


# bluelog -i hci0 -b -o scan.csv

Sanitize Data
Users must sanitize the Bluetooth device name data before posting it to this forum. To sanitize the data, substitute the following in the posted logs:

Names = NAME, Places = PLACE, Other Sensitive Information = OTHER
(Example: 'Bob Peters's Blackberry', changes to 'NAME's Blackberry'.)

Contributors can post their logs on the Hack From A Cave Forum. Users should post profiles in the following formats:

Device Address, Device Class, Device Name