Last Updated: 10/31/2010


Forge provides an easy to use graphical user interface for installing additional distributions to the Katana: Portable Multi-Boot Security Suite. This allows for users to build an even more powerful Katana. Forge comes preinstalled in Katana v2.0 and later. It can be found in the forge directory in the root of the Katana drive. (Forge is currently ONLY supported for use in Linux environment.)

Forge is a graphical front is for the execution of multiple bash scripts. These scripts are tailored to each individual distribution. Groups and individuals responsible for development of distributions are encouraged to develop their own installation scripts for Katana.


Name: forge
Download: Click Here

Installation (Linux)

1) Download the newest version of Forge here.
2) Extract the for archive. (It is recomended to replace the existing Forge files in the forge/linux directory on the root of the Katana drive).
3) Forge is a staticly-linked binary. This means it does not need to be compiled to run on the host Linux system. To compile Forge download the source version of the artchive, extract, and follow the instructions in the README.txt file.


Forge is installed in the forge directory in the root of the Katana drive in Katana v2.0 and later. Forge can also be downloaded and run from anywhere.

Forge has two modes of opertaion. The first option is to use the Forge Graphical User Interface (GUI). This is a point-and-click method for distribution installation. The second method is the exicute the scripts directly from the command line.

Option 1 - Forge GUI Click on the Forge application to start. Forge requires administrative privilages to operate. (In Linux the user must be root to exicute Forge.)


There are four steps to installation. First select the distro from the the drop down menu. In this example Pentoo is being added to Katana. (NOTE: Installation may vary between different versions of the same distribution).


Second, select the image file. This must be downloaded priar to installation. Use the URL provided to download the image file.


Third, select the folder where Katana is mounted. (In Linux this may be something like "/mnt/sda1" or "/media/katana".)


Finally, click the Install button when all the selections have been made. The output of the installation scripts with be shown in the window. Once this installation is complete click OK.



This distribution should now be added to Katana.

Option 2 - Commandline Scripts

The installation scripts can also be run from the command line without use of the Forge graphical user interface. Forge scripts are located in /forge/scripts directory. Scripts are placed in subdirectories based on distribution (and version).

Installation scripts must me run with administrative privileges. Users must provide the image file and the path of disk where Katana is installed when executing the script. For example:

Forge Commandline Scripts