The Very Eccentric Radiofrequency Antenna - Nerf Gun (VERA-NG)



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Ever think to yourself, "You know what would be awsome! A 2-in-1 NERF Gun with some high-gain cantennas for wireless hacking!!!". Who hasn't, right! That is in no way absurd. (*pause for reflection*) The Very Eccentric Radiofrequency Antenna - Nerf Gun (VERA-NG) has all that and more. The VERA-NG combines the awsomeness of shooting people with foam darts and extending the range of various wireless technologies.

VERA-NG helps with all kinds of wireless pen-testing for a pretty cheep cost. There are some similar high gain antenna guns out there, but my goal in building VERA-NG was:

- Make it for cheep. I built this thing on a collage student income, so I didn't have the money to be spending on $150 antennas and $200 gun stocks. What I did have was a little bit of time to spend on building some cantennas and modifying a Nerf gun.

- Combine as many wireless technologies as I could. There are several other people who have built WiFi or Bluetooth snipping riffles, but none with the combination of wireless technologies into one unit.

- Make something that looks non-threatening. So a lot of the other wireless snipping riffles out there are made with real gun stocks or spray-painted in camo. Something that looks like a kids science experiment draws a very different sort of attention from something that looks like an assault riffle on steroids.


List Of Componants

Item Comments
Nerf Longshot CS6
Zoom Model 4311 These are hard to find now. Any Bluetooth dongle that has the CSR chipset and a Class 1 would be the best choice.
GlobalStat BU-353 GPS Receiver Definitely one of the cheapest GPS USB units around. Works great on Linux for war-driving.
350Mw WiFi USB
9dbi Omni-Directional Antenna Using SMA connector
Cantenna Common Prigles can design, using a super stack can.
Laptop VERA-NG is using a Fujitsu u810, but any laptop that can easily be carried in a side bag should do fine.


VERA-NG fits comfortably on my shoulder or propped up in my car. I generally detach the front part of the Nerf Gun and place it pointing out the rear window of my car, leaving the larger base part of the gun sitting in the back seat. While I would not try to pass it through airport security, I have been carrying it around a bit in public. I was happy to find out that my goal to have VERA-NG appear non-threatening was successful. Most people end up just asking questions about it and nodding politely as I attempt to explain what it does to soccer moms :P.

For the host Operating Systems, I have Katana installed on the local disk, and have mostly been using Backtrack 4. Other good wireless live distros are OSWA Assistant and Pentoo. I have spent most of my time so far scanning for Bluetooth with SpoofTooph and using Kismet with gpsd for the WiFi side. SpoofTooph is not included in Backtrack by default and can be downloaded here.

> spooftooph -i hci0 -s -d dump.log

> gpsd -n -S 2947 /dev/ttyUSB0
> kismet                                     

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