vCardBlaster is a tool designed to abuse the sending of vCards over Bluetooth. It allows the user to send a continual stream of vCards to attempt a Bluetooth DoS or abuse other device recourses. A user can send a specific vCard or allow vCardBalster to send a new generated vCard for each iteration. It also allows for an attack on one or all Bluetooth enabled devices in the area.



Name: vcardblaster_0.4.tar.gz
Size: 4.1 KB
MD5: f50cbbe4d2ed6e857b70ddcdedb838e5
Download: Click Here



v0.4 - 07/07/09 :
- changed the location for the generated vCard to be stored.
- fixed "make clean"
- removed debug output

v0.3 - 07/08/09 :
- Added "install" option to make file.
- Changed flags.
- Added user specified time to for connection time-out.

v0.2 - 04-23-2009 :
- Added funcionality to generate vCard.

v0.1 - 04-20-2009 :
- Initial Release.


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